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Artificial Intelligence in Requirements Management.

"Our goal is to reduce certification costs by 30% and contribute to the promotion of Brazil as a country where state-of-the-art technology is developed."


The other day, reading an article, we realized an interesting fact. The article was about one of the first banks in the world to have the coexistence between artificial intelligence and people in the business environment. A Swedish bank deployed an IT Service Desk formed partly by people and partly by virtual agents (Artificial Intelligence), able to serve both account holders (external users) and employees (internal users).

ABC (Aerospace Brazil Certifications)invests on research with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for about a year. And just put on test the first version of a Virtual Agent to assist in the analysis and compliance of certification requirements (Requirements Management). Using natural language processing (the ability of a machine to simulate the communication skills of a human being), the Virtual Agent engages with the user, at this stage still only our internal collaborators, throughout all the requirements of a certification registered in its database, passing through topics such as "comply / fail" and “proof of Compliance”. As it "learns" (Machine Learning) about the different ways to fulfill a requirement (Acceptable Means of Compliance) it becomes able to indicate to the user its degree of preparation for an eventual Certification Audit. In addition, this learning is fed back into the database further enhancing agent analysis capabilities.

This is a market in which Brazil can not stay behind. According to Gartner until 2019 AI and Machine Learning will be a reality in the 2000 largest global companies. When confirming this prediction, the mix between people and Virtual Agents will increase the service capacity by up to 30%. According to IDC, this market will reach US $ 9.2 billion by 2019.

We do not believe in the total replacement of Human Agents by Virtual Agents. Especially in an area as complex as certification. But our expectation is to reduce certification costs by around 30% when the final version is released and contribute to the dissemination of Brazil as a country where state-of-the-art aerospace technology is developed.

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